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x6 bottles of Orange Tequila Cream

x6 bottles of Orange Tequila Cream

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Bursting, sweet and refreshing this flavour counts as one of your 5 a day... right?


Punchy orange flavoured coconut cream liqueur produces a sweet and silky base to be tempted with. Warm tequila liqueur is then added to this creamy orange mix which gives the citric from the oranges a smooth balance . 

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  • "Very warming and a treat"

    I enjoyed strawberry as it wasn't too sweet and I could still taste the Tequila liqueur.

  • "I could drink this all day"

    I brought a bottle of chocolate for my girlfriends birthday and we ended up drinking the whole bottle within 1 hour! It's very smooth and tasty. Didn't make us feel sicky.

  • "Loved the buzz"

    "The cream is good and it isn't too sweet which I was worried about. I didn't think it was getting me drunk but fast forward i'm having the best time of my life grooving in the middle of the dancefloor. Love it."

A product of JL Brands which is recognised as one of the UK's leading drinks manufactors. For more information please visit

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