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Espresso Tequila Cream

Espresso Tequila Cream

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A well balanced mix of roasted coffee flavour with soft notes of vanilla, creating a smooth yet sharp tequila cream liqueur. 


Cream filtered with coffee and complimented with a note of vanilla to give the ultimate warming and soothing sensation when consumed. The tequila liqueur punch spices the richness of the cream to help set the pace for the occasion.

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  • "Very warming and a treat"

    I enjoyed strawberry as it wasn't too sweet and I could still taste the Tequila liqueur.

  • "I could drink this all day"

    I brought a bottle of chocolate for my girlfriends birthday and we ended up drinking the whole bottle within 1 hour! It's very smooth and tasty. Didn't make us feel sicky.

  • "Loved the buzz"

    "The cream is good and it isn't too sweet which I was worried about. I didn't think it was getting me drunk but fast forward i'm having the best time of my life grooving in the middle of the dancefloor. Love it."

A product of JL Brands which is recognised as one of the UK's leading drinks manufactors. For more information please visit

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