About us

"The change makers in the Tequila world"

Rico 69 Tequila's are untruly, racy and defiant. A strong Mexican brand with a range of flavours that can be sipped, shot, or mixed. A key message to remember with this brand is that there are no rules!! The only limit is your imagination. 

Established in late 2022, Rico 69 has already witnessed huge success with hundreds of bottles sold globally within the first few weeks of launching. The inspiration for this product stemmed from when, one of our founders did not have an option to purchase a Vegan and Gluten free Tequila cream. The limited Tequila cream already on the market had started to become boring and dated with the same flavours and alcohol percentages (15% or lower). It was time for a more daring and bolder Tequila, available to all, to disrupt the market.

"Why does it taste so good?"
Beyond any doubt, Rico 69 Tequila is a tempting and desirable product. Tequila combined with flavoured coconut cream liquor, make our drinks incredibly smooth to drink with a punchy naughty hit of tequila in the background. This racy and high tempo brand is sure to get people talking and wanting more.
Enjoy as a shot, as a smoothie, on the rocks or cocktail. 

"What's is Rico 69?"
Rico is a word used in the Hispanic world to describe something as 'cute', 'tasty and 'lovely' It is also abbreviated for the more recognised word of
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. The reasoning behind the number 69 is because we found it flows off the tongue and memorable. Was there another reason? ... Maybe!

"Where are you based?"
Our Headquarters is in the UK but our inspiration is taken solely from Mexico and the infamous Blue Agave Plant. Rico 69 is now available in many countries around the world for you to enjoy. We are available to purchase in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The world is our oyster.